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All work is done by a fully qualified accountant and all work is charged at no more than £33 per hour or part thereof.  

Invoices are not subject to VAT and which is especially advantageous for non VAT registered clients.  

Invoices are rendered upon completion of assignment unless work in progress work has remained unchanged for 28 calendar days and clients have not provided further information in circumstances where they are aware of the need for further information for work to progress. 

Invoices are due and payable within calendar 28 days.

All types of professional assignment are undertaken including taxation, accountancy, and, occasionally, audits, together with combinations and mixes of the foregoing.  

Clients cover every size and type from private companies to the individual who just wants an hour or less to check his or her tax return albeit, in the main, most clients are small businesses from diverse industries and services within 20 miles radius or so of High Wycombe.  All are welcome and all are treated with the same professionalism.  

Our fully qualified staff of accountants bring a wealth of experience to every assignment.  We provide a comprehensive professional service and very good value.  

Clients have the reassurance of knowing a qualified accountant is helping them with the best professional advice.  

The company is available during office hours Monday to Saturday to provide immediate attention for whatever concerns clients may have.  Clients may arrange attendance at their home or workplace if they prefer.  Visits to our office or where clients prefer can be arranged outside office hours to suit client requirements.  

This company takes the utmost pride in knowing clients are receiving the best advice, quickly, efficiently and on economical terms.  Appointments can usually be arranged at very short notice and assignments are completed expeditiously with this company never being liable to the charge of failing to complete assignments to the timescale required by clients.  

We look forward to hearing from you and are enthusiastic not just to retain existing clients but to take on new clients with fresh challenges.